Peter is a certified designer. He does static calculations in Altruss, all legal stuff regarding planning permissions, He gathers and updates our knowledge of changes in Eurocode and local new regualtions. He is Danzig Polytechnic postgraduate, same faculty as Darius Jewartowski. Peter is certified constructor, can be appointed as construction manager without limitations. Since 1996 worked with masts and towers design and construction. This year was a start of commercial GSM in Poland so great demand on such constructions kept him busy for nearly 10 years. He used to work for all main players in this field, that is Orange (TPSA at the time), T-mobile (Era back then) and Polkomtel. Next he worked for Ericsson as a designer, his most memorable work being Baltic Beta oil rig masts. Untill now over 1000 projects were succesfully done by Peter. Works with Altruss since 2009.