Our Team


Short Business Overview

We are fast growing European company of nearly 10 years experience in truss engineering and production. We specialize in the pinnacle of truss business which would be radio and measurement towers of up to 160 meters in height. If we can accomplish such a task, you are safe to trust us in anything smaller.
Altruss is a midsized company of less than 20 people. This is a great size to deliver high quality products, scalability and tailor cut solutions because we can react quickly – less procedures, less hands to pass decisions on people who finally do the product.
All our products are calculated to at least meet Eurocode norms, and at this point we can offer best-buy prices, but if you like long lasting, rock solid constructions that are virtually indestructible – let us know. Every product can be reinforced for harshest imaginable real world conditions, that are not covered by norms, but could happen. This may be important in coming years of fast changing climate. Fierce winters, storms, high winds might be our new reality. As they say, better safe than sorry.


Our collective effort lets us bring state of the art products for your business