M250 S2M Aluminium Truss Guyed Mast

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Set contains:

  • Number of aluminum sections,
  • Flexible coupling,
  • Stainless hardware:
  • guy-wires with turnbuckles, shackles and accessories,
  • Lightning protection rod,
  • Optional powder coating
  • Anodizing optional
  • Easy to transport/install short sections


  • Height 3-20m
  • Section Lenght 2m

0,5 sq m antenna load

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 Parameter Value
 Max antenna surface (I wnd & icg zone)  0,5 sq m.
 Mast width 250 mm
 Section Lenght 2 m
 Section Weight 5,3kg
 Material 6060/6063
 Corner Member fi 35×1.5
 Cross Members Horizontal fi 20×1.5
 Cross Members Diagonal fi 20×1.5
 Welding Technique TIG
 Section Joints Flanges, bolts M 8×25, 9 pcs, stainless
Mast mounting Flexible coupling, 2 degrees of freedom
Guy Wires stainless wire fi 4mm with accessories
 I level of guy wires up to  4 m
 II levels of guy wires up to 8 m
 III levels of guy wires up to 12 m
 IV levels of guy wires up to 16 m
 V levels of guy wires up to 20 m

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10 m, 12 m, 14 m, 16 m, 18 m, 2 m, 20 m, 4 m, 6 m, 8 m